• What I do

    Unite people around a vision and motivate a team to excellence

    Systems Design

    The art and craft of system design is to think clearly, logically, and originally when it comes to creating solutions to challenging interdisciplinary problems.


    My leadership style and obsession with collaboration, communication, and coaching create excellence in operations, people, and winning strategies.

    Product Management

    I'm all about speed and simplicity. Product leaders wrestle with complexity, yes, but frame and commit to a decision that’s simple enough to understand and act on.

  • Making the world a better place one feature at a time


    Product Lead


    Product Manager (R&D)


    Startups Lead (Product & Strategy)


    API TW

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  • Naybi

    Naybi is an AI-powered foot traffic optimization platform. My co-founders and I founded Naybi to help entrepreneurs succeed in the world of commerce. We empowered the successful commerce players of tomorrow to have a clear view of the five forces reshaping e-commerce & retail.

    Microbat Sonar Systems

    Our company aimed to supersede traditional mobility tools for the visually impaired with sonar-based products



    Tongo designed tongue operated control systems for quadriplegics



    Embla designed input devices that allows Parkinson's patients to stay in touch with their touch screen devices



    LP was a loyalty program that incentivized users to purchase eco-friendly products (online and offline).

    Co-op Storage

    Provided 4-months storage solutions for co-op students in Canada

    Tongo Systems

    Tongo designed flexible, nano-based, adhesive input control surfaces. We designed a new generation of input systems that are responsive, accurate, and most importantly ergonomic.


  • Core values


    If we do not employ creativity as a core cultural imperative in business, we will be stuck in yesterday’s success and actively resist change.


    Leaders need to have the courage to hold the course to keep our teams on track, to be able to show the route to success.


    Leaders who practice humility engender trust, empower their subordinates, look at failures as challenges and develop a team spirit.

  • Recommendations

    See my LinkedIn profile for the entire list

    James Corr - Shopify Plus Expert + Growth Consultant

    "Simply put, without Amin our app would not be one of the top 4 most trending apps on the Shopify app store. The advice and mentorship Amin provided our team has been incredible. Extremely smart and great listening to feedback we had to improve the app marketplace. There are so many opportunities out there and Amin is the man to make sure you are aware of them all. If you have the opportunity to work with Amin you should. He is one of few people that I know that consistently over delivers."

    Jordan Gal - CEO at CartHook

    "Amin has rock-solid integrity and unwavering principles. He combines that with a sharp intellect. It was a real honor to work with Amin and I hope to work with him again in the future."

    Barry Fogarty - CEO at Klothed

    "We’ve worked closely with Amin over the last few months as we’ve evolved our app to support our retail partners’ use of the Shopify platform. He’s been impressive every step of the way - smart, creative, precise, technically strong - and an absolute pleasure to deal with."

    Yair Miron - CEO & Founder at GiftWizard

    "Amin is an amazing App Manager and one of the most skilled and helpful partners that I have ever worked with. I learned to appreciate him very much - both professionally and personally. He was most certainly a big part of our app's journey and success stories and I greatly appreciate him for it."

    Jason Fullmer - CEO at Declan

    "In the short time I was able to work with Amin I was left with a strong impression by his sincere desire for the success of my team and our project. Amin regularly exceeded my expectations in his efforts and communications. Should the opportunity ever arise, Amin will be at the top of my list for potential partnerships and collaborations."

    Bjoern Lasse Herrmann - Founder & CEO at Compass

    "Amin has been a tremendous help as we got started in the Shopify app ecosystem and throughout. He patiently educated us on how to work with the app store and properly address shopify customers. He also connected us with other app developers in the ecosystem for marketing partnerships. With his support we were able to position and grow our reporting app Compass to one of the top apps on Shopify. Amin is a smart, enthusiastic and very pleasant person to work with."

  • Current status: building the future of visual marketing

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    A few months ago, I had a great conversation with Justin Bauer, the VP of Product at Amplitude,...
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    If you are a software engineer and you want to formulate an application programming interface ...
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